Although Ecuador does not celebrate Thanksgiving, Byron and I still like to pause and give thanks, especially for:

T– thousands of times we  have driven safely in crazy Quito traffic.

H– Hundreds of lives that God has allowed us to touch: needy children, woman and men.

A– Always having something to eat. We see so much poverty and hunger that we are truly grateful for our daily bread.

N-Nothing is impossible with God. Sometimes the tasks seems so gigantic and our resources so inadequate, but we remind ourselves that with God on our side, what we have been given is enough to get the job done.

K – Caleb is such a treasure and joy in our lives

S – Savior who loves us on good days and bad, who so graciously gives us all that we need.

G – Gifts from those who support us and the prayers of many that enable us to be here sharing God’s redemptive story of love.

I – Individuals, friends,  that God uses to encourage us

V – Victory over sin. Because of Jesus who has conquered all, we too are given victorious life instead of death.

I – Invitation, God’s invitation, to be a part of His work here in Quito. It still amazes us that God chose  us to be his witnesses in Ecuador. What a privilege!

N – Never being alone even though we are far away from some of our family and friends.

G – God because it is really all about Him and not about us.