Land for Javier!

Earlier this month, Javier’s family found a small piece of land on the outer edge of South Quito. On September 20th, Byron, Javier, and his family finalized the purchase in Javier’s name. Praise God!

Javier Land 9-12-11


We met Javier last year and heard a little bit of his story. He was severely burned when lighting some fireworks, and lost one eye, along with most of his sight in the remaining eye. Byron took Javier to see an eye specialist who said that if he could get a cornea transplant, there was a good chance that the vision in his one eye could be restored. Then some doctors at a public hospital volunteered to help us, but they said the surgery would still cost about $2,500. After writing out Javier in our June-July 2010 prayer letter, three churches raised the full amount for the surgery. We told the doctors they could proceed and they said that Javier would need several months of special eye drops and treatment in order to get his eye ready for surgery. Unfortunately, after many months the doctors reevaluated Javier’s one remaining eye and let us know that they did not believe the surgery would be a success after all. Basically the doctors said that, due to the condition of his eye, he would go blind either way, with the surgery or without it. This was hard news for Javier and for us, but we know that God works all things together for good, and Javier loves the Lord. We wrote to the people who gave the generous donation, asking if they would approve a new use of the money. We hope to buy a piece of land in Javier’s name in order to give him some stability for the future. The churches said yes, and so now we are on the lookout for the right piece of property. Please keep Javier and his land in your prayers. Once we purchase the land, we would love for a work team to come down and build him and his family a house!

Javier 9-10

Returning to Ecuador!

Byron, Becky, and Caleb Gudino returned to Ecuador in May 2010 after a 5 month furlough, eager to get back to work.


Children from the day care