Monday, March 24, 2014

6:30 am            Everybody’s up.

7:30 am             Byron is off to the local elementary school to teach English (a great way to connect with our community).

10:00 am           Usually Caleb, Maddie, and I would join Byron at school for recess, but today Maddie is sick so we stay home.

12:00 pm          Byron is home again. Time for lunch!

3:00 pm            Wake Maddie up from her nap because it’s time to go visiting.

3:30 pm             Leave our house.

5:00 pm            Arrive at the new believer’s house after getting stuck in construction traffic.

9:00 pm            The visit is over, after a good time of sharing and eating together.

9:30 pm             Arrive home with two sleeping kids. Ministry is over for today.

Many days, there are unexpected visits, impromptu counseling sessions, and sharing Christ’s love with our neighbors in little ways (like giving them a ride in the truck). I think of Jesus, how so much of his ministry happened through interruptions as he was on his way somewhere else. I pray that we will have that same flexibility and that we would be salt and light wherever we go.



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Last Modified: March 26, 2014